The Ubiquitous Vending Machine

October 21, 2013Graeme EvansBlog0

The Ubiquitous Vending MachineVending machines may seem like a quite modern convenience, but the concept has actually been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. They had machines that would dispense holy water in exchange for coins. And if that sounds weird to you, here are some other facts about vending machines you might enjoy.

  • Japanese people are so fond of mechanical vending that there is one machine for every 23 people. That’s over five and a half million machines!
  • Vending machines are made to dispense soda, cigarettes, candy, snacks, electronics, skincare products, beer, smartcars, used underwear, and much more. Food vending machines exist that can deep-fry potatoes, make a pizza, or bake a pecan pie.
  • The very first cigarette vending machine was introduced to the market back in 1926.
  • Soda accounts for over 55% of all vending machine sales. Machines now exist that will also mix brands and flavours to your exact specifications.
  • The American electronics company Best Buy has vending machines that sell headphones, audio cables, gift cards, phone accessories, and iPads.
  • Proactiv, a company that sells an acne-fighting skincare regimen, has machines that dispense creams, ointments, spot treatments, and complete packages.
  • There are many private owners, corporate owners, and people who manufacture or distribute vending machine supplies. But in American, over a third of the total vending machine occupations, according to the United State Bureau of Labor and Statistics, belong to servicers and repairmen.

We see vending machines at work, vending machines in schools, and vending machines in and around many of the shops and malls we frequent every day of our lives. Not only are they a source of convenience, but they are also a symbol of technological ingenuity and marketing savvy.

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