We know that floor space is often a precious commodity in a workplace or educational facility. With vendSmart’s VSXY06c, you can rest easy.

This really is a great little unit which can fit into almost any indoor situation, quietly catering to the needs of those in your workplace.

The choices of snacks and drinks are endless with the VSXY06c: from chocolate bars, cookies, cupcakes and chips to ice-cold juice, canned drinks or water.

The VSXY06c features a number of payment options. Whether customers are using a credit card, cash or coins, we make it easy.

Dimensions: 1900 (with leg and without levelling bolt) x 850 x 760

Weight: 250 kg (refrigerated model)

Capacity: 180 – 360 pieces

Styling: Glass front

Pricing: Flexible individual pricing

Transaction: Notes, coins (with change), credit cards

Electrical: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 3.5 Amps (Refrigerated Model)

Refrigeration: ½ HP, Hermetically Sealed Compressor, R – 134a (Refrigerated Model)

Temperature Range: 4 °C to 8 °C (Refrigerated Model)

Selections: 6 as standard and 6 layers

Electronic Controller with Digital Display
24 V DC Motorized Vending Mechanism
Adjustable Tray Partition and Height
Product Vend Sensor
Temperature Sensor (in refrigerated machines)
Fast and Easy Product Loading
Chrome plated / Powder-coated / Eco-friendly electrophoresis-coated